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“If you need an Intercom to improve security or communication within your business, then Ring UK have exactly what you are looking for:”

Our excellent range of Intercom systems has something for everyone, whether you need an Intercom for a Medical Centre, an office or a school, we will have one that is exactly right for you.

Of course, when there are so many intercom units available, it can leave you confused about which one to go for, but we can provide you with expert advice to make sure you choose a model that suits your needs.

We have everything from easy-to-operate models that will suit small businesses to more sophisticated systems that can be installed across a large site such as a college campusairport or hospital.

Our systems are reassuringly secure to make sure that all your staff or clients only have access to relevant areas of your buildings.

Anyone who needs a door-entry (Remote Door Access) system will find our Intercom systems very easy to use for access and communication. If your visitors, contacts or customers have complained that your intercom is difficult to use in the past, then installing one of our systems will make life much easier as well as improve the image of your business.

While all the models we sell are of high quality, the price tags attached are unbelievably affordable and we are sure to have one that suits your budget.

Intercom Station Range

Cleanroom & Operating Theatre
Control Room
Desk or Wall
Heavy Duty Telephone
Vandal and Tamper
IP, VoIP & SIP Station Range
Video and Touch Screen
Station Accessories







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If you seek professional advice on which product to select, don’t hesitate to contact RingUK’s specialists today. Our team will evaluate your requirements, research, and clarify all available options to assist you or your client in selecting the ideal system that satisfies your needs.

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