Control Room Intercom Stations

DescriptionShort-CodePart Number:SystemMountingReplaced By:
Analogue Intercom Station
Control Room Master IV1007006101AnalogueDesk/WallDiscontinued
DAK- 48 Unit1007006110AnalogueDesk/WallDiscontinued
Dual Display Intercom Station1007007000AnalogueDesk
IP Intercom Stations
Dual Display Intercom Station IP1008007000IPDesk
IP Flush Master Display Station1008031000IPDesk/WallCRM-V-2
CRM-V-2 IP Flush Master Station – 1008431000CRM-V-21008431000IPDesk/Wall
CRM-V DAK Module IP1008010100IPDesk/Wall
MDDS Microphone for Dual Display Station – 10070070101007007010

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