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The experts at Ring UK can help you choose the quality VoIP intercom system that best meets your needs. We offer several industry-leading solutions including AlphaCom XE-Series of equipment and the IC-Edge Intercom Systems

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which refers to the delivery of voice communication over IP networks such as the internet. Your VoIP intercom system may be designed to handle purely VoIP traffic or both VoIP intercom and traditional analogue user stations.

The STENTOFON AlphaCom XE-Series equipment is an example of a system which can handle both VoIP Intercom and traditional analogue intercom user stations. This level of flexibility is ideal for an organisation which needs to communicate effectively using both technologies. In the case of analogue stations, connectivity with the central exchange remains a necessity but IP-based outstations may be connected using bandwidth on an existing or on a separate LAN, for your convenience.
The AlphaCom XE is the market’s most powerful flexible communication platform; it brings voice, image, data links and interfaces together into a single solution.

If you are looking for a system with sharp audio, consider the IC-Edge. This IP intercom offers high definition voice quality so you will never miss a word. It also provides simple installation and complete ease of use even for those who aren’t very technically minded.
The IP-based IC-Edge design utilises an existing IP network infrastructure. In addition, it employs open standards including SIP, HTTP and XML, making it simple to integrate and expand with third-party systems.

Most IP or VoIP stations are powered by the network cable using PoE technology. PoE, or Power over Ethernet, is a system which passes electrical power safely through Ethernet cabling, and it is supplied by a network switch with a PoE output.

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