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As a long-established company specializing in broadcast and communications equipment, Ring UK has the necessary experience and expertise as an Intercom Equipment Supplier to assist you in making the right choice when it comes to selecting an intercom.

We’ve built a broad knowledge base over many years as an Intercom Equipment Supplier, and we understand that your requirements are likely to be specific, not just to your industry but your location and your premises. Arriving at the best solution to the nuanced needs of each customer is something that we really pride ourselves on here at Ring UK.

We feel that adopting a bespoke approach to the supply of intercoms is essential. After all, any failure on our part to deliver the best possible service to our customers presents a security risk, with a knock on effect of jeopardising our customers’ livelihoods and the wellbeing of their clients. We see this as a big responsibility.

The supplying of intercoms devices to a new client is always treated as a new project, and is always a team effort. Not just on our part but on the part of our huge network of suppliers. We draw on a formidable knowledge base to ensure that our clients receive the best, most suitable intercoms equipment for their requirements. On top of this, we are always aware of the need to offer our customers the best possible value (another reason for our close relationship with our suppliers).

We specialise in the provision of intercoms equipment across a wide spectrum of industries, as listed below. For further information, specific to your needs, simply click on the link below that best describes your sector. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then the Ring UK team are keen to hear from you and to understand your exact requirements.

Intercom Markets







Intercom Products

IC-Edge Intercom System
ICX-500 Intelligent Communication Gateway with HD Voice
Pulse IP Intercom System
Pro700 Intercom System
SIP Intercom System
Touch Screen Video Intercom
DNH Analogue Speakers
Vingtor-Stentofon IP Speakers
Clockaudio Microphones

For more information

If you seek professional advice on which product to select, don’t hesitate to contact RingUK’s specialists today. Our team will evaluate your requirements, research, and clarify all available options to assist you or your client in selecting the ideal system that satisfies your needs.

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