Intercom Products

“We supply a range of Intercom products for most users requirements, please select from the following to find a system to fulfil your requirements or contact our sales office for technical advice”

Intercom Products Description

Modern intercom products come in a number of formats, analogue, digital and IP (internet protocol) are available, as well as software-based soft client intercom stations. There is a range of features and interfacing options. Digital Intercom stations can be connected using Cat5 cable and can even use existing computer networks as a means of interfacing distant parties. Intercoms can link between rooms, buildings and countries.
Intercom has the advantage of a large range of Intercom stations for use where normal phones would not be practical such as industrial, medical, military, ships and hazardous areas.

Intercom Product Range

IC-Edge Intercom System
ICX-500 Intelligent Communication Gateway with HD Voice
Pulse IP Intercom System
Pro700 Intercom System
SIP Intercom System
Touch Screen Video Intercom
DNH Analogue Speakers
Vingtor-Stentofon IP Speakers
Clockaudio Microphones

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