Zenitel Intercom Technical Support

We pride our selves on supplying the most reliable equipment, but some times you might want a little help. please find below a few links to useful information

Pulse Systems

Pulse Getting Started
Pulse Technical Manual
Replacing a Damaged Intercom Station in Stentofon Pulse
Adding Two Extra Cleanroom Stations

IC-EDGE Systems

IC-EDGE Basic Setup
IC-EDGE: How to Set Up the IC-EDGE System
IC-EDGE: Configure Call Button
IC-Edge: How to set up Zenitel Mobile App in an IC-Edge System
IC EDGE: How to play a message when the station is offline
IC EDGE: How to play a voice message when pressing the call button
IC-Edge: How to play a message when pressing the Call button on the door Station when opening a door
IC-EDGE: How to Add 3rd Party SIP Devices
IC-EDGE: How to Add 3rd Party SIP Devices
IC-Edge: Configure Call Button
IC-EDGE: Group Call in IC-EDGE, General
IC-EDGE: How to Connect an IC-EDGE System to a SIP Provider (External Telephony)
IC-EDGE: How to Configure Touchless Sensor in ICX-AlphaCom & IC-EDGE
IC-EDGE: How to configure IP-Speakers
IC-EDGE: Programming DAK (Direct Access Keys)
IC-EDGE: Setting Up Turbine Bridge Station with Noise Cancelation
IC-EDGE: Adjusting The Volume and The Time on an IP Clean Room Station
IC-EDGE: How to set up the TCIV+
IC-EDGE: Adjusting the Microphone & Speaker Settings on RingUK Seclusion Room Intercom
IC-EDGE: Licensing
IC-EDGE: Adding Addishianal Station to a 16-Station Edge System
IC-EDGE: Removing Time and Date on Display of IP Desk Station
IC-EDGE: Adjusting the Microphone and speaker Settings on RingUK Seclusion Room Intercom

ICX-AlphaCom Systems

Configuring Video in ITSV-1

Laptop Settings

Changing IP address for Windows 7 computers
Changing IP address for Windows 10 computers

Station Updates and Fixes

How to upgrade the firmware using IMT program
Vingtor-Stentofon Turbine Kit Factory Reset
Vingtor-Stentofon INCA KIT Factory Reset
How to configure a Turbine Mini IP Intercom
Vingtor-Stentofon Turbine Factory Reset Static IP

If you talk to our service department, you might be asked to connect remotely. Below is a link to the program we use for remote connection.

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