Simplex Intercom Systems

The AlphaCom and IC-Edge can all provide Simplex Intercom Systems

There are a number of locations where a Simplex Intercom System is useful:

  • Area’s where there is a high ambient noise.
  • Where a level of privacy is required.
  • Control room wants to listen to a theatre, treatment room, patient in a scanner.
  • Security gate Intercom
  • Office to Factory Intercom

Simplex Intercom Systems Description

Simplex Intercom Systems solve the problem of loud background noise in busy environments when you need to talk to somebody over an intercom system. Like a typical walky-talky, Simplex systems only transmit audio in one direction at a time and require a button or switch to be pressed to change the direction of the audio path. You may also find this technology referred to as Press to Talk – or PTT.

Duplex Intercom is the usual requirement for communication between two people, which allows each person to respond immediately to the other, without having to push a button. Duplex Systems use VOX (Voice Operated Switch) technology – these systems automatically change the direction of the audio, so the party who is speaking will be heard, while the non-speaker’s channel is closed.

However, VOX technology switches direction depending upon which end is the loudest. Unfortunately this can be problematic when one party is located in a particularly noisy environment, as the loudest sound is not necessarily the voice that wants to be heard.

You can overcome this using Simplex Intercom technology on your intercom solution. By simply pressing the “T” for talk button (PTT), you force the speech towards the noiser area to ensure your voice is heard.

For your convenience, the Alphacom system allows you to program individual intercom stations or groups of stations to work in simplex mode at all times. For example, you can choose to program one-way speech over a specific channel, or use Press “T” to Talk for certain stations if you know there will be a great deal of background noise at these locations.

You might need these Simplex Intercom systems to contact areas where background noise is loud and constant; such as in industrial environments and factories where machinery is in operation.

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