Cleanroom and Operating Theatre Intercom Stations

DescriptionDesk or
Part NumberReplaced By:
Cleanroom Intercom Station
Pro700 Range
Clean Room & TheatreWallAA706Discontinued
Analogue Alphacom
Clean Room & TheatreWall1076036600Discontinued
Clean Room & Theatre, DisplayWall1007036600Discontinued
IP Alphacom IP & IC-Edge Intercom Stations
Clean Room & Theatre, Display IPWall1008015000IP-CROR
IP Station for Cleanrooms and Operating RoomsIP-CRORWall1008415000Current
Back Boxes
IP-CROR IP Cleanroom and Operating Theatre Station Surface Back Box – 1000604000R1000604000R
Installation Instructions
Mounting Flush Clean Room & Operating Theatre Back Boxes
Fitting Flush IP Cleanroom Back Boxes to Plaster Board Covered Walls

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