Duplex Intercom Systems

“Duplex Intercoms Systems are an ideal source of communication in a large variety of workplaces, including factories, hospitals or buildings that are large, or have “sectioned-off” areas that require people to ask before they can be permitted entry”

Duplex Intercom Systems Description

When you call someone, using an intercom, it is obvious that you would expect the other person to be able to talk straight back to you. However, loud background noise can be a real burden for communication across intercom systems. Background noise could be caused by a busy office with a lot of people talking and working, loud equipment or even passing vehicles, and quite often is completely unavoidable.

Nevertheless, the Duplex Intercom System uses “VOX” (a voice operated switch) control, to switch the direction of the speech between the two stations. What this means, is that the technology automatically detects which of the two intercoms someone is speaking into, by pinpointing the loudest noise. It then opens up the channel to that loudest noise, whilst closing off the connection from the “quiet” side, and blocking out any other noise. The “closed” intercom may not be heard, but they can still listen to the other person speaking. However, when the other person responds, the technology is able to detect the change and the connection is reversed.

The technology works because it is triggered by what it considers to be the loudest sound, which is predominantly the sound of a voice, as the person speaks directly into the intercom.

The problem with this, however, is that sometimes, especially in an area with heavy machinery, the background noise overpowers the sound of the voice, as it is considered louder, meaning that the intercom will always keep that side of the connection open.

Nevertheless, this can be counteracted, by simply pressing the “T” (Talk) button in order to force the connection to open whenever you wish to speak.

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