Since its inception in 1901, Zenitel has developed into a global leader at the intersection of two domains – communication and safety & security. Clear, reliable communication is critical in situations where safety or security must be maintained, environments where human life, money or large assets are at stake.

Combined with its internationally renowned and trusted brands, such as STENTOFON and VINGTOR, and its strong dedication to innovation, Zenitel remains at the forefront of current technologies, raising communication standards worldwide by providing quality communications solutions.

Zenitel is organized into two key segments – its intercom products and third-party products and network services. Zenitel’s products and networks are as secure as they are fast, and we are at the forefront of offering Critical Communications over IP (CCoIP®).

As a listed company on the Euronext stock exchange, Zenitel’s statutory headquarters is in Belgium, while its operational headquarters is in Norway.

Ring Communications (UK) Ltd are a distributor of the Zenitel STENTOFON range and has many years of experience in supplying their product range.


STENTOFON is widely recognised as the leading brand for integrated security intercom communication systems, particularly when special operations or special purpose stations are required. The brand also has a reputation for providing the most flexible, reliable and superior quality, hands-free communication systems available today. In recent years, whilst providing ongoing support for their traditional analogue product, STENTOFON has implemented new IP products and exchanges called STENTOFON AlphaCom E. This new solution is an evolution into IP technology while maintaining full backward compatibility for existing projects. This STENTOFON solution opens up new opportunities and markets and has confirmed STENTOFON’s strong position as a leading brand name in the business.

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