Ring-Master CB600

The Ring-Master CB600 Intercom system was manufactured from 1991 to approximately 2000 and was a fully electronic direct speech system for “hands free” high-speed internal communication for up to 16 subscribers. The system had no central exchange, all stations had microprocessor control, providing an extensive range of standard and optionally programmable features.

The CB 600 was replaced by the Pro700. and the Pro700 has been replaced by the IC-Edge IP System

Intercom Product Range

IC-Edge Intercom System
ICX-500 Intelligent Communication Gateway with HD Voice
Pulse IP Intercom System
Pro700 Intercom System
SIP Intercom System
Touch Screen Video Intercom
DNH Analogue Speakers
Vingtor-Stentofon IP Speakers
Clockaudio Microphones

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