Seclusion Room Intercom System

A Seclusion Room Intercom can provide the following:

  • Hands-Free Communications
  • Ceiling Mounted Microphone & Anti-Ligature Speaker
  • Forced One Way Communication
  • En-Suite Water Resistant Ant-ligature Speaker and Microphone (Option)
  • Remote Music Input (Option)
  • The remote Intercom station can be fitted at Nurse Base.(Option)

Seclusion Room Intercom Description

Seclusion rooms, also known as time-out rooms or calming rooms, are areas within educational, institutional or healthcare facilities where individuals can be temporarily placed for their own safety and for the safety of others. An intercom system can be installed in seclusion rooms to provide communication between the person inside the room and staff outside the room. This can be useful for monitoring the person’s well-being and ensuring their safety.

“The MHA Code of Practice states that:

Intercom systems for seclusion rooms typically consist of a speaker and microphone inside the room, and a control panel or intercom station outside the room. The intercom system allows staff to speak to the person in the room and the person in the room to respond. Some intercom systems also include a visual component, such as a camera, to allow staff to see the person in the room.

When selecting an intercom system for a seclusion room, it is important to consider factors such as the size of the room, the acoustics of the room, and the number of intercom stations needed. It is also important to consider the durability and reliability of the system, as well as the ease of use and maintenance. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the intercom system meets relevant regulations and standards for safety and privacy.

Also, does the seclusion room have an en-suite that requires communication?

Playing Music is possible when the music option is installed. We supply the music unit with one hard-wired screw terminal, Plus Bluetooth.

We have supplied over 200 systems for hospitals in the UK.


  • Corridor Station should be mounted for easy operator access, which is flush-mounted. (surface mount can be supplied at special request)
  • The Speaker and Microphone should be mounted in the ceiling of the seclusion room, and we recommend that the microphone is mounted at arm’s length from the speaker aperture so you can reach through the speaker aperture to mount the microphone. Then use the aperture to make the microphone connections. (please see important instructions on connecting the microphone connections)
  • We recommend the System Control Box is mounted outside of the room above. The ceiling in the Corridor is recommended for future access if adjustments are required.
  • The cable between the Corridor station and the Control box is a CAT5E/6 cable.
  • Mains power is required for the System Control Box.
  • The cable for the microphone should be screened microphone cable 31-059 CANFORD FST-LFH CABLE 1 pair Black or equivalent.
  • The speaker requires two core speaker cable 224-GY West Penn Wire or equivalent. 
  • System Drawing


  • To Communicate with the room, press the top button “CALL”. This will open one-way listening to the room communications.
  • Use the middle button “Press-Hold to Talk” to talk to the room. Press and hold the middle button for one-way communication. Let go of the button to return to listen mode.

Close System

  • To cancel all communications (Switch OFF), press the bottom button “Cancel”.


System Drawing

Loops Wall Mounted Compact Wi_Fi & Bluetooth Amplifier is used when an Audio Music input is required. Feed via hard-wired connection or Bluetooth.

Microphone Mounted in the ceiling of the seclusion room

Anti-Ligature Ceiling Speaker Mounted in the ceiling of the seclusion room.

Corridor station flush back box drawing

Seclusion Room Intercom

Seclusion Room Intercom with Music

Seclusion Room Intercom System with En-Suite and Music