Cable Specifications for AlphaCom Intercom Exchanges

“The cable Specifications for AlphaCom Intercom Exchanges requires two-pair star wired cable, we recommend  CAT 5/6 Network cable, please see the following cable size and length chart for the two analogue feature cards”

used with the AlphaCom E & XE range.

Wire DiameterMax. Distance ASLT BoardMax. Distance ATLB Board
0.5 mm 24 AWG1.4 km 5,000 feet6 km 20,000 feet
0.6 mm 22 AWG2.0 km 7,000 feet8 km 26,000 feet
0.8 mm 20 AWG3.4 km 11,000 feet10 km 33,000 feet
0.9 mm 18 AWG4.0 km 13,000 feet10 km 33,000 feet

AlphaCom XE Exchange

With AlphaCom XE, flexibility is key. You can have just a few or thousands of users spread around different locations. Thanks to its open, modular design and scalable architecture, AlphaCom XE has the flexibility to grow with your business and adapt to your long-term needs. The system can be tailored to support applications of almost unlimited specificity and complexity.

Alphacom XE User Guide

Installing the Exchange

The cabinet should be mounted on a shelf or in a 19” rack.

  • All cables are terminated to connectors at the rear of the cabinet.
  • Two RJ-45 Ethernet terminals are used for IP LAN, WAN, Internet and AlphaNet IP communication.
  • The serial ports with RS232 and RS422 interfaces are used for connecting to equipment using these protocols.
  •  The unit is powered from a 90-270 VAC via a 5 VDC power supply at 4 W maximum.

Subscriber Board, ATLB-12

Subscriber Line Board, ATLB-12

  • High-capacity line card for analogue telephone
  • 12 analogue telephone connections
  • Hotline and DTMF dialling
  • 6 programmable remote outputs

Size (W x H x D) 230 x 263 x 10 mm
Weight 0.5 kg
1009104000 Subscriber Line Board, ATLB-12

Subscriber Board, ASLT

Subscriber Line Board, ASLT

  • 6 channels for traditional intercom subscriber connections per card
  • 6 programmable remote outputs

Size (W x H x D) 230 x 263 x 10 mm
Weight 0.5 kg
1009101010 Subscriber line Board, ASLT

Alphacom Range

DescriptionReplaced By:
AlphaCom XE Exchange
AlphaCom XE1 Exchange
AlphaCom XE7 Exchange
AlphaCom XE20 Exchange
AlphaCom XE26 Exchange
ICX-AlphaCom Core
AlphaCom Audio Messaging
AlphaCom Redundancy license
AlphaCom Recording Software
AlphaCom XE IP and Analogue User Guide
GSM Gateway IP
Telephone Gateway IPDiscontinued
Connect Intercom to PBXDiscontinued
IP-ARIO Interface
SIP Interface
Medium to Large Intercom, Analogue & IP
AlphaCom Cable Specification

Product Range

IC-Edge Intercom System
ICX-500 Intelligent Communication Gateway with HD Voice
Pulse IP Intercom System
Pro700 Intercom System
SIP Intercom System
Touch Screen Video Intercom
DNH Analogue Speakers
Vingtor-Stentofon IP Speakers
Clockaudio Microphones

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