Seclusion Room Intercom System

“A Seclusion Room Intercom system between the patient in the seclusion room and the staff in the corridor is provided via a Ant-Ligature speaker and microphone mounted in the ceiling of the seclusion room and an Intercom Panel in the Corridor”


  • Hands-Free Communications
  • Ceiling Mounted Microphone & Anti-Ligature Speaker
  • Forced One Way Communication
  • En-Suite Water Resistant Ant-ligature Speaker and Microphone (Option)
  • Remote Music Input (Option)
  • The remote Intercom station can be fitted at Nurse Base.(Option)
  • Telephone Panel to provide communications to family etc. (Option)

Seclusion Room Intercom Description

Communications between the patient in the seclusion room and the staff in the corridor are provided via an Anti-Ligature speaker and microphone mounted in the ceiling of the seclusion room and an intercom station in the corridor. flush or surface mounted.

“The MHA Code of Practice states that:

Allow for communication with the patient when the patient is in the room, and the door is locked, for example, via an intercom.”

the flush-mounted stainless steel corridor intercom (Surface Mounted can be supplied as an option) station can listen to the seclusion room Patient and if they need to speak to the patient, they press and hold the “Press to Talk” button to talk.

The option of the Second water-resistant Microphone and Speaker in the En-Suite Option.

Playing Music is possible when the music option is installed. We supply the loops unit, which has 2 inputs. 1 x RCA and screw terminals, Plus Bluetooth.

We have supplied over 200 systems for hospitals in the UK.

Seclusion Room Intercom Installation

  • Corridor Station should be mounted for easy operator access, and this is flush-mounted. (surface mount can be supplied at special request)
  • We recommend the System Control Box is mounted outside of the room above. The ceiling in the Corridor is recommended for future access if adjustments are required.
  • The cable between the Corridor station and the Control box is a CAT5E/6 cable
  • Mains power is required for the System Control Box.
  • The cable for the microphone should be screened microphone cable 31-059 CANFORD FST-LFH CABLE or equivalent
  • The speaker requires 2 core speaker cable 224-GY West Penn Wire  or equivalent 

Seclusion Room Intercom Operation

  • To Communicate with the room, press the top button. This will open one-way listening to the room communications.
  • Use the middle button to talk to the room. Press and hold the middle button for one-way communication. Let go of the middle button to return to listen mode.
  • To cancel all communications (Switch OFF), press the bottom button.

Seclusion Room Intercom Datasheets

Loops are Used when an Audio Music input is required. feed via hard-wired connection or Bluetooth.
Anti-Ligature Ceiling Speaker Mounted in the Ceiling of the Seclusion Room
Microphone Mounted in the Ceiling of Seclusion Room
Installing the Microphone Installing the Microphone
Microphone Connects Connections inside System Control Box for Microphone
Anti-Ligature Ceiling Speaker Mounted in the Ceiling of Seclusion Room
Corridor Station IP Vandal Resistant Substation TKIE – 1008041200 Standard Station without Special Front Panel
Flush Mount Back Box for IP Vandel Resistant Substation – TKIE – 1008098100
Corridor Panel Drawing Corridor Front Panel Drawing Showing Sizes etc
System Control Box Picture of the System Control Box that should be Mounted Where Access can be made for Maintenance
Control Station VoIP Intercom Module TKIS-2 – 1008131020 Mounted Inside the System Control Box

Seclusion Room Intercom System Drawings

Seclusion Room Intercom System with Music

Seclusion Room Intercom System with En-Suite and Music

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